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April 17, 2025
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Since 1965, the Venue on Lake Lily has been a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to provide a place where our community can gather and enjoy public, private and secular events, conveniently located in the heart of Central Florida. All funds from venue rentals go to administer and maintain this storied place where memories are made.  We offer event spaces to accommodate any occasion. Along with our two event halls, gallery and meeting room, we also have a lakeside terrace with beautiful views of Lake Lily—perfect for wedding ceremonies or cocktail parties. Even large festival-like events can be held utilizing the entire campus. So whether you are planning an intimate of large wedding, anniversary, life celebration, birthday, graduation, holiday party, meeting, conference, trade show, political function or festival, the Venue on Lake Lily is the perfect choice to both have an event and give back to your community.


Serving the Community Since 1965

The Venue on Lake Lily has thrived for decades as the epicenter of social, civic, and cultural life in Maitland. We don’t just serve as Maitland’s premier event space, our charter directs us to give back to the community.

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Where memories are made

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